Braidy Connolly


Braidy Connolly is a 4-year veteran of the industry having worked as a Stewardess and Chef on privately owned and charter run vessels throughout the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian regions. During her time aboard she realized that the yacht crew community, although scattered across the globe from Europe to the Caribbean, are a special group of people, all experiencing this unique work and lifestyle adventure in their own way but dealing with similar ups and downs, highs and lows, issues and challenges on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way they could share their experience with other crew around the globe? En voila! Crewnected was born! Braidy recently launched, Crewnected, the first and only social network specifically aimed at the international yacht crew community to give them a place to socialize and meet others in the industry, get good advice from experienced seafarers and perhaps offer some of your own. A place where Newbies can learn the ropes, tips, tricks and helpful shortcuts can be shared, interesting and fun events and places can be showcased and even job opportunities can be offered and discovered. Working on the Yachts can be the greatest time of your life but for some it can be lonely, tough and challenging. Crewnected offers a safe place to look for support from your peers and where others who have gone before you or who are literally “in the same boat” can reach out and offer a helping hand or some much needed guidance. Overall Crewnected is a well overdue initiative that will serve the yacht crew community well. To Register for your very own Superyacht Crew Social Profile, please visit Crewnected via For more information about Crewnected or just to reach out, please contact Crewnected via