Brandon Dax Whitson

My name is Brandon Dax Whitson, I started my yachting career very early at the age 18 in the Mediterranean where I learnt the ropes of yachting for 4 years prior to looking to put that experience forward to yachts that explore the world.

Since then for the past 6 years I have successfully been running and managing teams on expeditions through various positions in over 70+ countries. You really grow as a leader on yachts that travel extensively due to every day being new and dynamic and having to try run your 6 star operation in locations that are forever changing . You learn that you are only as good as your research, your planning, training and communication to execute these tasks with your team.

The contrast of operations vary from sub marine drops to a 1000m in undiscovered areas around the pacific to heli skiing around the Arctic and Antarctic circle to hiking unknown trails around the world such as Alaska where bears are not a pleasant surprise to run into. You really have to have a strong team that are trained well to run all these operations safely to look after your guests and provide them with experiences they can not get anywhere else in the world.

Through all these travels the sad thing is I have noticed the amount of over fishing happening in areas, the glaciers all receding in the Arctic and Antarctic and a vast amount of coral bleaching happening. It strikes home a lot harder and when you see it first all first hand. As a photographer/film maker working on yachts I would like to combine the two in the future to put out good content and stories displaying the problems and how we may fix these in the future.