Brendan O’Shannassy

I am as excited today as I was on the first day driving down to Monaco decades ago to join my first ever yacht. Before this first day I had already held titles of; Naval Officer, tug and offshore skipper and professional Ocean Racer. Nevertheless I joined as a deckhand and learned the yachting industry from the chamois upwards.

I was exceptionally fortunate to hold commercial qualifications in a time when they were rare. I was able to turn this into command of some of the most wonderful yachts I could have imagined, these included; OCTOPUS, VAVAII (as build Capt), AMADEA (as build Capt) and most recently ULYSSES / ANDROMEDA. In the middle I took a break to return to commercial maritime and work as a marine pilot in a bulk port, back to my roots.

My passion is now supporting crew in their journeys and I invest significant time into allowing crew to be all that they are capable of. It is now a great reward to see my former deckhands as officer of the watch or higher and former officers as leading Captains.

I still get excited driving into any of the yacht ports to see the yachts and the people that make them work….