Chanel Marais

My name is Chanel Marais – If I could describe myself in one word it would be “momentum”.

I was born in South Africa, shortly followed by 15 years of youth, in the beautiful desert of Dubai.

I returned to SA to study Hotel & Restaurant Management, graduating Super Cum Laude.

In my final year I applied for a position based in Bahamas, much more was not known -competing with 3 other Hotel School applicants. Joyfully, I was selected for the only FOH Management position. A kick start into my first sight of a superyacht, it was not long after this first experience, that I returned to SA to complete my courses. And off I went, no question, no doubt, just a vision and determination.

My 11 year career involved stories I am gleaming to tell and ofcourse, some better left untold. Private and charter vessels, busy and extremely busy programs. I struggled in an environment I was not challenged in or provided little opportunity for growth.

Fast forward to now. Despite the many knock downs I have had over the last 2 years – I can only call it, growth. Virtual Yacht Assistant started with a vision that wasn’t clear, I always felt lost, disconnected and not authentic. But the more I worked on it, the clearer the picture became.

I proudly assist young determined green crew, that want to break into the industry; teamed with a Cape Town based yacht training academy. My 5 day “Introductory Steward/ess Course” has the objective is to improve the quality of “Readiness” – realistic perspective of industry. Dockwalk weekly planning routes/marines, and more detailed guidance post course. Mentorship post any provided services is offered indefinitely, as relationships are built from the ground up.

I assist green and experienced crew in creating Professional Yacht CV’s. Visa application assistance and guidance for parents throughout process.

My business is personal to me, and so is everyone that knocks on my door. I am my students biggest cheerleaders and have a firm dedication to making a change in the industry.

My course is designed to challenge: time management, creativity, ability to follow instructions, sense of urgency, adaptability, communication and team work.

Teamed with with a Bar Academy, that offers my “Superyacht Mixology Course” at their facility, providing a fully equipped bar, incorporating practical application of methodology, and providing sample forms (provisioning, inventory… ) and more.

It was through identifying my pain points of the industry, that helped me notice holes that can be fixed. My current side project is completing my Degree in Further Education (2023).

Outside of my business, I have a gorgeous 4 yr old rescue pup, named Lucky. Our favourite activities are running and hiking 2-5 days a week. Crossfit is another pastime I enjoy, it allows me to feel like I achieved something after every class.

I am not sure how much more to write (loving the no limit text).

Why “Monomentum”? Because everything is figureoutable, and there is so much to still to figure out.

This is exciting. Look forward to seeing what is next.

Chanel Marais