Christophe Guegan

M/Y Mimtee

What I love about this industry is the word “new.” New seas to sail, new horizons to go beyond, new challenges to face, new goals to achieve, new crew to train, new people to bring from zero to hero, new nationalities to live with, new guests to please, new ports to discover, new boats to learn, new things to experience, new memories to be made, new exams to pass, and sometimes new storms and rough seas to navigate… the list goes on.

Coming to this industry later in life from a communication and design background, I was wary about not being young or “cool” enough. Then one day a crew agent in Antibes told me that there is a place for everyone in this industry, no matter your age, nationality, experience, etc. All you have to do is find the right boat and the right owner. I ended up finding that “right” first owner, and stayed with him for over three years (dual seasons).

Since then I have done everything from being a captain on sailing yachts, a navigational officer on 110m, and most recently as the Chief Officer on an 80m new build project. I’ve been with these current owners for over six years, all while obtaining my Master 3000.

I will always look back on the encouraging outlook given to me from that lovey crew agent twelve years ago, and try to give the same advice to all new crew I encounter.