Clive Carrington-Wood

Son of a sailor and feet wet since I was a small boy, I attended naval college from the age of 13. Following a 30 year career in the British Royal Navy, I came into the yachting Industry in 2009. Many are surprised to learn that VIP hospitality is a large part of Naval life, with cocktail parties for dignatories organised on the first night of arrival at every foreign port. I had entertained Royalty, politicians, celebrities and other VIPS on may occasions before I came to yachting. Since then I have enjoyed commanding a number of motor yachts between 36-55m in all parts of the world. My true pleasure in the role of master, is bringing out the best from a team of diverse, international crew members who all share a drive to do well. Our fellow crew are what makes the industry such fun. I place great emphasis on training, which is not always welcomed when I join a ship, but once people realise why we do it and how it boosts their knowledge, ability and confidence in all sorts of areas, then I take great pleasure in the pride they take in themselves for being even better at what they do. I expect high standards and old fashioned good manners from my team and in return, I offer the same and try to ensure that we have a lot of fun whilst giving our best. A happy ship is an efficient ship and an efficient ship is a happy ship is my motto. I hope that my approach helps my crews to further their careers and climb the slippery ladder to ensure that they meet their full potential.