Dhel Hutchison

Dhel Hutchison is 26 years old and originates from Cebu, in the Philippines.
She gained a Certificate in Commercial cooking and baking in 2013 and in
2014 she gained essential work experience in a Luxury 5-star hotel in
Mactan, Cebu  In 2014 Dhel studied  Hotel and Catering Management in Kuala
Lumpur, in Malaysia, graduated in 2016.

Dhel started her career in yachting in 2019 on Motor Yacht Island Time, a
dive charter yacht. In this position she was responsible to the Captain for
all aspects of the Interior management, guests catering and welfare as well
as part of a team involved in assisting with all crew operational duties.
During this time, Dhel was personally  responsible to the owner and
Management Company for yacht management, administration, accounts and guest
services. Dhel was also an integral part of a team involved with
instigating the vessels ISM and Security requirements for the transfer from
Private Yacht to Limited Charter.Dhel joined Motor Yacht Amevi, an 80 Metre Superyacht in June 2020. She
recently transferred to Amevi’s sister vessel,  the 112 Metre Motor Yacht
Alaiya in February 2022.

Dhel is a highly qualified, professional Yacht Stewardess with over three
year’s extensive experience on both large and smaller, charter and private
Yachts. Dhel is fluent in English, Bisayan and Tagalog and is currently also
learning Spanish. She is very highly motivated and focused, with a kind,
caring nature combined with a positive, determined attitude and
unwavering attention to detail.

Since joining the yachting industry Dhel has had a continual commitment to
professional development and further education. She continues to gain many
additional skills and professional qualifications in areas such as Silver
Service, Wines, Spirits, and Mixology all enhance her stewardess
talents and abilities.

Dhel is confidently able to work as part of a team as well as unsupervised
on her own initiative. She is experienced and competent in high-pressure,
intense working environments and has a personal objective of providing
unobtrusive excellence in service to both owners and guests.

In her spare time, Dhel enjoys scuba diving, music, keeping fit and medium distance running.

In addition, she has a strong commitment in providing, supporting and looking
after her family in the Philippines, including her parents, grandparents a younger
brother and five younger sisters.

Dhel has ambitions and a clear focus on becoming a Chief Stewardess in the future.