Francisco Chadinha


I started in the industry 21 years ago in the South of France. Before this I did construction work on the old border post between France and Italy in a small village called Breil-su-roya. We turned the building into 16 apartments. We would go down on weekend to Antibes and Monaco to look at these mega yachts and try and do some networking.Even back then as a dayworker I soon realized that I would like to be a captain of one of these presages yachts.With a lot of ambition and perserverence I immediately decided to obtained the required qualification and started my career path towards the Master 3000Gt license. Once I became a captain I spend and still are onboard busy charter yachts. I have always enjoyed the diversity and the dynamics of a charter yacht. I have had my Master 3000Gt license for over 10-years and so as the industry and tonnage sized increased I decided to complete my Master unlimited license so that I have no limit or constraint on my career path.
The second part that I thought would be benificial was to obtain my diploma in Superyacht Project Management refit and newbuilding.
My career path is to stay in the industry as a Superyacht captain on very large vessels and perhaps undertake a few large new constructions as the build captain.