Gemma Hulbert

I first heard about yachting while in University in Vancouver, Canada. As an Event Planner, the idea of being able to incorporate all aspect of Events into a life at sea sounded too good to be true, so after writing my final exam, I hoped on a plane and my journey working on yachts began. During the past 8 years on yachts, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the most hardworking, kind & inspirational women. The Chief Stewardesses’s I’ve had in the past have played such a huge role in the Chief Stew I am today. In my interior team, we focus on three basic principles, encouragement, kindness & hard work. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, the team works incredibly hard due to the positive work environment. From themed crew birthday parties and actives to consistent training, I try as hard as possible to give the girls as well rounded of an experience onboard as possible. It’s such a honour to be nominated amongst other fantastic crew members.