Harris Kokkotas

I was born in 1973 in Athens Greece, as long as I remember I’ve been in or around the sea, like 99% of Greeks. I’ve been travelling in yachting since 2003, when I got the B class engineer unlimited certificate, between 1992 and 2003 I was in merchant navy with a small period, about a year, in passenger ships. Since 2009 I hold the engineer A class unlimited certificate. I love the world of yachting, I’ve been in places that possibly I wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise, all over the Mediterranean sea, the Red Sea, Sea of Cortez, Caribbean, North pacific, I met and keep meeting amazing people, fellow crew members, guests, workers on and off the boat, locals that I met for few minutes, time enough to learn something or have a good laugh that I will remember as long as my mind allows me. I got married in 2006, we have 2 amazing kids Alex and Sophia, which are the only ones that can keep me away from thinking the sea for a while.  Love sports, exploring new frontiers physically and mentally, although at a point I have to start realizing I’m not 20 anymore. A day without laugh is a lost day, the best medicine in the world.