Harry Morgan

I have been part of the AWOL team right from the beginning even before AWOL was around. Captain Tristan Mortlock recruited me back in summer 2015 on M/Y Lizzi as chase boat driver. Here i stayed for 3 season before moving onto M/Y AWOL as chase boat driver in summer of 2018.

During the summer season of 2018 Alex my business partner (a previous chef on M/Y AWOL) and I put a business plan together and presented it to the owner of M/Y AWOL. He liked the idea, so we went away and started A Winer Of Luxury.

A Winter Of Luxury is AWOL’s winter program. We are a boutique ski chalet in Verbier Switzerland.
Our team have all worked on super yachts and some currently still do.
As a team we have each taken what we have learnt from the yachting industry and implemented that into the chalet so guests onboard M/Y AWOL can expect the same level of service in the chalet.

A Winter Of Luxury has been running from December 2019 – April 2020. We are very happy with what we have achieved for our first season and are very happy to be apart of the AWOL brand.