Jacob Los

My name is Jacob, 20 years old and from The Netherlands. I grew up on boats and water really flows trough my veins. I have always, and will always be on boats. Either for leassure or work. Here in The Netherlands we have a lot of water, thus a lot of tv shows about water. I have made it my speciality to manage those tv shows and produce, sail and manage ships for them. But since Covid made work scares I started drawing. I own the Instagram page @idrawyachts where well, you guessed it. I draw yachts. I started doing this after I couldn’t finish my courses because of Covid. I specialize in digital art meant for tablet wallpapers aboard yachts or front pages of food menus. I upload five times a week and on the days I don’t upload I interact with my followers even more in the form of Q&A’s.

I’m really thankful for this nomination and opportunity to grow even more. Being on this list next to the people who’ve always been an example for me is something I never dared to dream of.