Jana Gacina

M/Y Palladium

As a child I enjoyed endless summers at the Croatian coast, made my first steps on board and started dreaming about other worlds and seas behind the horizon. After I graduated, I built a solid career in the corporate world and worked in several companies involved in yachting for over a decade: yacht charter company, yacht marina, refit shipyard, shipbuilding company, until 2015 when I finally decided to turn the course and pursue my career on board a yacht.

I was fortunate enough to be given a serious opportunity thanks to the well established network during my previous work. During my intense years at sea I had an honor to serve on board with the great industry professionals and made some friendships for a lifetime. I sailed in Northern Europe, Mediterranean, through Suez to Middle East, Maldives, Japan and Philippines.

I truly enjoy all the aspects of my job and life on board: it’s dynamics, diversity, demand to ever grow and move out of the comfort zone, discipline, make impossible possible, Guests related matters, interaction with Crew, overcoming all the professional and personal challenges together and creating the unique connections that only other fellow crew members can understand. In my time off I enjoy yoga, hiking, singing and recently painting.

There was a moment back in 2011 during MYS that I will remember: while at the meeting in Monaco Yacht Club, I caught myself observing an old sailing boat model, rather than being fully present into the conversation … I was seeing it not as a piece of wood, but almost as a live being. And suddenly, the comparison with my old piano came to me: it was not about its shape, size, volume or a value. It is about the bond that you make with it because of all the moments, joys and struggles that you have been through together that makes the boat alive. So, the secret is not only in the boat herself, but also where along the way that very boat will bring you. And the person that you will be at the end of the way.

I am very much honored by the nomination. Big thanks to all my crew members, colleagues and associates, past and present for their support and time together. I am grateful for each single person who opened the door and had a trust in me before I even trusted myself enough. I will remember you and will do my very best to share my knowledge and support to new crew members and junior colleagues, so they can build they way up and fulfill their dreams.