Jason McCormack

A love for the water and a splash of luck along the way is really what’s driven me to get to where I am today. Growing up in South Africa’s Indian ocean city of Durban, I was lucky to have many water sports available at my doorstep. Surfing, life guarding, and kitesurf instructing quickly became my preferred way of life.
Because of this it was a natural choice for me after earning my degree to pack up my few belongings and head to Fort Lauderdale in pursuit of that elusive yachting dream. I gradually progressed my way through the ranks and began racking up on courses in between seasons, loving every minute of this new adventure.
After a six-month hiatus to surf and explore south east Asia, I made the move to European yachting in a decision that would ultimately paved my way to becoming captain. After a few seasons of captaincy under my belt I continue to strive for the best standards and high regards for the successful charter yacht that I am at the helm of alongside a truly great crew.
Through all I’ve learned along the way I hope to help and encourage ambitious young crew progress on their own journeys.
Thanks to ACREW for the nomination and wishing everyone smooth sailing.