Jason Pliatsikas

I came to the industry in 07 and have been lucky enough to work for, and with some exceptional people.

Life has always been a bit of an adventure to be honest, as I’ve never really liked to stand still for too long. Rugby sailing and surfing took me all over the world before a friend basically took me by the scruff of the neck and said “here, super yachts… enjoy” and that was that…personal trainer to chase boat skipper, deck hand, officer and captain.

It took a few humbling and equally epic experiences along the way to really focus me, and look at what this life/ Job means. To reflect and review what I have learned form my time, what kind of Captain I want to be and the kind of service I can give.

I’m unbelievably fortunate to be working now and for the last few years within a fleet that fully encourages constant development, and supports its crew and captains in a way I’ve not experienced before.

I came to the Industry totally by accident to be honest, as a personal trainer, but as a kid I grew up sailing, my granddad was a captain, dad a chief steward mum a chef so naturally they opened a restaurant, and I spent all my days either sailing, surfing, kicking a rugby ball  around or working in the family restaurant on the Marina in Falmouth in Cornwall, where most of my generation have been “lost to yachting”.

 It’s a privilege to do this Job.