Jeff Doolan


I have been sailing since I was 20 years old, once I found sailing I never looked back and within a year, I had bought a 26ft sloop, then a 33ft ketch and finally a 57ft Taiwanese ketch. I got my yachtmaster instructors ticket and sailed the world! My wife and I have sailed to 94 countries together over the last 25 years, sailed the round the world and ended up in Mallorca again, and again. We grew to love the island.
We settled in Mallorca 4 years ago, when my second child was due to be born. My love for sailing was trumped by the love of my children, and I didn’t want to go away anymore. Once my son hid in my sailing bag, when I was due to go to Italy for a month…begging to be a stow away so he could spend time with me…this broke my heart and changed my career.
Last year my wife and I opened eco-migo, a solar supply and install company, based here in Palma.
We decided to start a solar energy company to help Mallorca go green, and give the planet the help it deserves….needs.
Mallorca is our home and we want to make it better for the sake of our children.
Clean energy, clean planet.
Its prime time to go solar now in Mallorca, with the removal of the sun tax, government grants for solar installations, and the power companies now having to pay for autoconsumo power given back to the grid.
Go Mallorca….Go solar!!