Jerome Saguet

Absolute Magnitude

Born the 26 / 01 / 1978 in Nice France, in 1994 I was sent to USA to high school , when I returned I studied Boat maintenance / Egeneering and graduated in 1998.

  • I Started at the age of 16 doing summer jobs in my family cleaning company.
  • In 1999 I embarqued as a deck-hand on my first yacht, from that day I was already using
    my cleaning knowledge to get the job done better and quicker.
  • Over the years I worked on yacht from 70‘ to 220‘ in all departments, I obtained my
    master 500 in 2007 and took my first command of Yacht. I have been captain since,
  • I opened AM company in 2015 as a side buisness introducing dry ice cleaning and
    putting on the marker Absolute teak ( concidered by my clients as the best teak sealant on
    the market even today), since I have continued develloping new cleaners and surface
    protections for yachts, most of my produces are 100% organic / eco friendly.
  • One of my clients MY AWOL won the sustainability award last year.
    My aim is to revolutionize yacht maintenance with new products and cleaning technics.