Jess Douglas

I’m a Marine artist, from the south west of England, specialising in Bespoke hand painted artworks of Superyachts, onto Navigational charts.
This year will be my 6th year of being a full time marine artist, having started out painting my local fishing trawlers in Lyme Regis, Dorset.
I had previously worked as a deckhand on a 44m SUPERYACHT in Monaco, a job in which I’d invested a lot of time and money into getting all of my necessary qualifications. As a larger lady, I found it extra difficult to get a break, but after 3 months I finally got offered a job onboard M/Y Blade, which I loved. I had aspirations of getting to be a chaseboat captain, but all that came to a halt when I got a phone call from back home, saying my mother was sick, so I took the agonising decision to return home and pretty much forget about yachting.
After struggling for 9 years to help look after my mother and working boring jobs, I suddenly got the idea to start drawing again. My friend had a new fishing trawler built, so I asked if he’d mind if I “practiced” painting it. He agreed but asked to see the finished painting, and decided to purchase it.
From that moment forward, I decided to share my work online, and immediately got 7 orders from other fishermen around the UK.
Nearly 6 years later, I find myself getting commissions from owner representatives and agencies and crew, for paintings of some of the most prestigious Yachts in the world.
I have a constant 1 years waiting list for orders, but I can always find time to accommodate rush orders.
I’m unbelievably grateful to be nominated again this year, and I’m forever grateful to everyone who follows me and likes my work and has commissioned me in the past!