Karine Rayson

Hi there, my name is Karine, I took over The Crew Coach in 2008 with the intention to close the apparent gaps in Crew Mental Health Support and Leadership. I worked as Crew on the vessels over a decade ago and I was saddened to see that no significant changes were made in the areas of Mental Health and building the next generation of leaders. What pains me is seeing others suffer, what gives me purpose is doing my utmost best to improve the quality of lives of those who are in need of support and guidance. We still have a way to go but I know that together as a yachting community we can together make the change that we all want to see.
In essence, I help Superyacht crew experience a fulfilling career in yachting by ensuring that they are confident leaders, are able to master their own mental health and have access to a powerful network of industry leaders, I do this through my GUEST IAMI leadership course online counselling and exclusive membership