Kayla Viljoen

Kayla Viljoen
In the industry for two years and 7 months
Position: Stewardess/ Nurse

I started my yachting journey shortly after I graduated nursing school in 2019. I spent two years in the industry before landing the perfect stew/nurse position at the end of 2021.

This position has allowed me to grow as a stewardess and also apply my skills as a certified nurse. Since on board, I have implemented and lead medical training sessions to improve my crews ability to respond confidently to medical emergencies. Additionally, I recognized a need for a medical record system on board and took initiative to create one that compliments my vessels program, crew members and especially, our guests. I have also proven to be calm and stress free, as we have faced a variety of emergency response situations since I started on board. My knowledge of the vessels medical kits and protocol has allowed me to lead these instances in a calm, cool and collected manner. All situations handled with privacy and confidentiality, as it is a huge priority for me.

My goal is to create a crew environment that feels safe and comfortable for all guests and crew— a home away from home. I have quickly become someone my crew is comfortable approaching with anything, a medical issue or something personal. By being consistent with checking in on my crews well-being and showing up for them when they need me, I have built a foundation of trust among my peers. This was recognized early on by my captain and our vessels leadership.

This nomination has motivated me to continue to grow in this position by staying up to date on modern medical advances in yachting, improving my presence as a fierce leader on board and cultivating a positive and safe community on board.