Firstly I’d like to begin by saying a big THANK YOU for the nomination of ACREW Environmental Award 2020.
It is a real honour & a great privilege and I am very excited to be focussing my attention towards making a positive Eco-friendly impact in the Yachting Industry, as well as further afield around the World! A big thank you especially to ACREW!

The Green Stewardess was conceptualised in April 2019, and has since had the amazing opportunities of being invited as a guest speaker for Benetti Yacht Master 2020 in Barcelona on the topic of “Going Greener in Yachting”, we have co-hosted beach clean-ups in the Med, facilitated Eco Talks and Training with Yacht Companies and we have a radio slot with Yachting International Radio where we take a moment to outline some of the problems & solutions in yachting & work towards a more sustainable and Eco-friendly goal. We have a wonderful “Plant Trees” initiative that is funded by profits from your yacht orders and these trees support a community out reach programme that we run in South Africa which aids a feeding scheme for children in an underprivileged school. We hope that this outreach programme will develop into a thriving NGO to support and educate the young generation in the local area. The Green Stewardess also offers genuinely Eco-friendly products & solutions for the Yachting Industry that have been tried & tested, and are efficient, effective and absolutely 100% Green!

The Green Stewardess LTD has been an amazing adventure and business success story. Established in June 2019, we casually launched at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. Thus far we have had phenomenal support from our supply partners, industry professionals and the many like-minded collaboration companies that we have the privilege to work with. Our main focus and mandate is to reduce single-use plastic and harmful chemicals from onboard yachts in the marine industry. We are passionate about creating Eco-friendly change in the yachting industry by sourcing and supplying reliable and effective Eco Products and Solutions to Yachts and Yacht crew.

How The Green Stewardess LTD was organically founded? I  joined yachting about 4 years ago and over the past few years of working onboard Yachts, I have passionately pursued, researched and sourced a variety of Eco-Friendly alternatives, products and solutions to replace the major pollutants that we find on the Yachts of today. It is a necessity to be more Eco-Friendly in our Yachting Industry and we will soon see the positive difference that Eco alternative products and solutions make to yachts. And thus The Green Stewardess LTD was established and became a Eco Yacht Supply Company and Eco Ambassador with a dream of assisting the yachting industry in this changing of the tides.

We hope to spear-head an NGO initiative in the near future, but right now in this present moment, we are building an Outreach Project that is run on a % of profits from your Yacht orders. This Outreach Project is all about giving back. We have committed a % profits to go towards planting fruit trees in a rural area in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The project was initially aimed at giving back to Mother Nature and reducing carbon footprint by planting trees, but it has organically evolved into a bigger and more heartfelt mission! We are now committing the produce of the trees that The Green Stewardess plants to supporting an under privileged rural school and helping feed the children who attend it. We hope this Outreach Project will grow into a sustainable NGO over time, and assist in the many needed areas of making a difference to the lives of these children for a brighter future.

Our goal for The Green Stewardess LTD is to create change and spread the “Green Yachts Movement” to encourage Eco-consciousness and sustainability. For us – “Its not about 10 Super Yachts doing it 100% perfectly, its about 1000’s of Yachts doing it imperfectly together!”