Lauren Wardley

Hi! My name is Lauren. I am currently a stewardess on M/Y Samadhi, where I will have been employed for coming up to 3 years. I have been a stewardess in the yachting industry for 5 years – crossing between the US and Mediterranean seasons. Previously to yachting I have worked in all fields of hospitality, spending the last couple of years in hotel management in Sydney, Australia.

Between my love for the ocean, my passion for hospitality and the suggestion of yachting from a friend- my career was born. I have always loved working particularly for people who have created change and impacted the world positively, it has been a desire of mine to do the same!

After seeing and working within an unfortunately not so environmentally savy industry – I soon realised an opportunity to be able to create change and give back, and that is where Ethical Yacht Wear was born.

Through Ethical Yacht Wear I have created a uniform company that cleans up ocean pollution, helps develop recycling infrastructure and reduces world poverty. Through crew uniform orders the yachting industry now has a medium and an opportunity to give back through purchasing sustainable luxury uniform. HOW WE DO THIS: proceeds from every uniform sale goes back to a company that pays people in poorer coastal communities to collect ocean bound plastic, as jobs, which in turn reduces ocean pollution as well as reduces poverty in less fortunate nations. So far we have funded the removal of over 4 tonnes (the equivalent of 200,000 500ml plastic bottles) of plastic from the ocean through sustainable crew uniform sales.

Further more at Ethical Yacht Wear we only use earth friendly material for our clothing – such as organic cotton which doesn’t not leak toxic pesticides and fertiliser run off into our oceans, lakes and waterways (being one of the largest causes of dead zones- areas where life does not grow due to pollution), we also use recycled performance material to create all of our shorts and skorts. On top of that everything we supply is made fair trade to a global standard. This means every person in the process of making the garments was paid a fair wage and provided safe working condition, which is not as common as you may think.

Through organised  beach clean ups, initiatives, funding, and an ambassadors club – Ethical Yacht Wear has brought together a community of like minded people on a mission to make a difference and leave the industry better than we found it. Since the ocean supports us to work and live every single day- the least we can do is give back to it.