Lauren Wardley

Lauren Wardley, owner and founder of Ethical Yacht Wear has created her company in order of generating change and providing the yachting industry a means of giving back through sustainable yacht crew uniform. Lauren founded her company – Ethical Yacht Wear with the mission and goal to give back to our oceans, the yachting industry is founded upon, as well as make sure the uniform we wear is made in an ethical fashion. She operates her company on a give back business model, as for every uniform sale made Lauren gives a percentage of profits to an organisation that pays people on the front line of the plastic ocean crisis to pick up plastic as jobs. Ethical Yacht Wear has so far sponsored the clean up of 6000kgs (6 tonnes) of plastic before it enters into the oceans, at the same time helping to reduce poverty in coastal communities.
 Lauren is a extremely driven social entrepreneur – giving the yachting industry a means to buy sustainable, fair trade unform at the same time saving ocean plastic and helping to reduce world poverty all at once.