Maiwenn Beadle

30 years ago when I started Yachting I never imagined that I would sail a vessel to the far North to find the Narwhals and the Polar Bears.

Yachting for me has been a fabulous and varied experience. From single handing an 18ft lifeboat the length of the Caribbean, racing on the beautiful J class yachts and Rounding the Horn in my twenties my sailing life has never been boring. My career has lead me through most jobs aboard. Starting as a very bad Stewardess, yes,I confess, my cabins never passed the white glove test, then on through Raceboat jig, Chef, Captain Engineer on smaller boats, Chief Mate and Captain on small cruise vessels and here I find myself as Captain on an Iceclass Tug Conversion exploring the colder starker corners of the world.

I hope that this wealth of adventures has given me the breadth of understanding, humility and empathy to be a good leader and the experience and seamanship to be a safe and excellent captain.