Mark Drewelow

Captain Mark C. Drewelow founded YachtAid Global in 2006 to facilitate the involvement of the worldwide yachting community in caring for the people and environments of the coastal communities which they enjoy and depend upon. It was Mark’s memorable time spent with locals during his twenty years at sea, travelling over a quarter million miles on luxury yachts around the world, which inspired
him to create YachtAid Global. Mark passionately believes, “It is incumbent upon the yachting community to care for the people and the environments of the coastal communities around the globe who share with us their land, sea and spirit.”YachtAid Global provides global disaster response, humanitarian aid, and conservation programs at the highest levels of international non-profit work across coastal communities and small island developing states worldwide. These programs carried out in collaboration with our global network of yachting
community members, donors, and other organizations, resulting in saving lives, alleviating suffering, and making the world a better place. This year, YachtAid Global is celebrating 15 years of giving back during which they engaged 250+ yachts across 175+ projects in over 25+ countries in timely, agenda-free projects that saved lives, alleviated suffering, and built stronger communities. In addition, Mark is the Founder and CEO of C2C which provides a broad spectrum of services and solutions to luxury yachts. Mark is considered an expert in solving
Superyacht operational issues and has an in-depth knowledge of cruising patterns in the Eastern North Pacific waters, enabling him to effectively co-ordinate crew, yachts, and supplies on a global scale.