Matilda Migliaccio

Hi! I’m Matilda but I go by Tilly! I grew up in France into a « yachtie » family with a certain insight to the industry! I’m fluent in three languages, I was born in NZ to an English mother and Italian father. Spicing things up here! In 2018 I went to Ballymaloe cookery school (amazing!), I then went on and worked in restaurants around London for a year where I unfortunately lost my job due to COVID. I’m now 23 and started cooking on boats as a Sole chef on a 28m in 2020 that my friend worked on at the time. I then did some temp work cooking for 7 crew, meanwhile came across the job I REALLY wanted on Instagram (@thecrewchef Instagram)! I applied not thinking much about it. The next day had my interview with Nina! And there you have it, I am still onboard the 55 meter as Sous and love it! I love learning from my headchefs and cooking meals with variety for crew, keeping it interesting as much as healthy for them. It’s definitely non stop but being in new places and constantly travelling around and having access to different produce keeps it interesting!