Micaela Markides

I am a young female culinary professional with an honours level degree in culinary arts, I started my cheffing career on land in 5* catering but soon realised I wanted to hone my skills and creativity to be able to express myself through my food as art. Yachting was the ideal space to do this, where I have my own galley as a sole chef to develop and create my wildest dreams in culinary experiences for people to enjoy. I have always had insatiable passion for travel and adventure, so in my pursuit of this I contacted everyone I possibly could to get information about yachting. Within 3 days of deciding on pursuing my dream as a yacht chef; I flew to Cape Town to do my courses and within 3 weeks I found myself in Antibes, France. I started my career in the Mediterranean, progressed to the United States in Fort Lauderdale, traveled to the Bahamas on a sail yacht and then found myself chartering the upper and lower leeward islands of the Caribbean. I am of Greek origin, so Mediterranean cuisine is something I love to cook as it has formed a great deal of my life. My preferred food to prepare is; Greek, Italian, Asian, Patisserie and Mexican, but certainly not limited to these categories and revel in the practice of all the cuisines of the world. As part of my degree, I studied advanced nutrition and that allows me to cook both health inspired and decadently gourmet finely designed meals, plating and meal design forms a huge part of my style as a chef and I enjoy culminating multiple complimentary colours, flavours and textures to create a complete interactive eating experience. I find that cooking for crew is just as of utmost importance as it is to cook beautiful meals for guests. The crew are the heart of the boat and they should be fed and treated accordingly. I consider myself a ‘feeder’ and show my love through food so preparing meals for crew is how I’d express my love for the place I live in and the people I live with.