The crew on motor yacht SOLO communicate openly with each other, sharing our thoughts, opinions and ideas; as well as taking into consideration what others have to say. We agree on and set team goals based on outcomes and results, rather than just on the amount of work being done. A clear plan can then be set about how We are going to achieve these objectives, as a group, as well as each individuals contribution. The crew members are always happy to assist others when they need a helping hand with work. On SOLO Everyone is unique and will be able to offer their own experiences and knowledge that others may not possess. Diversity is needed so that all of the required skills are covered by somebody in the team and each individual can be assigned a particular role on the basis of their strengths and skills. A variety of personalities, age groups, cultures, etc. can also bring creativity and a broad range of ideas to the table. Our strong team have a leader that we trust and respect. He works as the glue holding the team together and is responsible for setting the pace, offers encouragement and motivation and keeps all members of the team updated and happy. It shouldn’t be all work and no play! So it’s important to inject a bit of enjoyment into working life. Our team enjoy each others company and get together outside of the yacht from time to time to socialise and have some fun! Building a positive relationship with your colleagues is always helping for a much more relaxed environment.