Martin Debanks

Spirit is a fantastic charter platform with crew to match. Being a wave piercer the space available on board for our charter guests is huge. Shortly after launching in 2005 she received the International Superyacht Design Award. Prior to us picking her up in 2016 she was based in Monte Negro. We moved her in August 2016 for a major refit to Cairns Australia our adventure playground. Spirits first charter for booked for December that year in the Solomon Islands and the same guests have since returned to Spirit to celebrate for New Year’s eve last year.
In 2019 we won the prestigious Australian Voyage of the year award for a charter on the Great Barrier Reef. The crew from Spirit spent hours in the water, logging the best sights for our guests to discover and enjoy.
We specialize in High End Adventure style charters in far flung remote locations. The crew strive to give our charter guests the most amazing 5 star service, Gourmet food, while also sourcing local produce, cultural, historical and unforgettable experiences are all made possible and done with ease… We charter mainly on the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea and The Solomon Islands. Whether its Fishing for Giant Black Marlin on the GBR, Kite surfing or learning to dive with your friends and family in the pristine waters of the Solomon Islands or perhaps heading up the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea for the Crocodile Initiation Ceremony. We can, and do provide everything for the most discerning adventurous charterer with our many repeat clients fast becoming part of the Spirit clan.