Rachel Cunningham

I’ve been yachting for over 8 years now, but only started creating Cv’s for crew the past few years. I’ve worked entirely on word of mouth because I was also working as a head chef and didn’t has as much time to dedicate to it. But I can see there is a huge gap for green crew coming in and struggling to get the information they need.
When I create Cv’s for new crew, I also give them loads of advice. I have a free guide on my website for them because I believe this information shouldn’t be a secret, and I don’t think they should have to pay a whole bunch of money to find the resources they need to get their foot in the door of yachting. I’m definitely not an agent, but I always try to help new crew who have a bit of a spark and a willingness to learn.
Recently, I gave free CV templates to all Ukrainian crew who got in touch and helped them afterwards with checking spelling and grammar. It’s the least I can do to assist them.

I think green crew are a real asset to this industry- if we can take them under our own wing more, and actually train them properly and give them guidance, we will have a stronger crew all around. It costs nothing to be kind to the greenies.