Sandra Jordaan

I am known as both The Yacht Purser and The Yacht Crew Coach in the yachting community. My last position on board was as rotational purser on a world-cruising 70m+ yacht ending mid-2018. As The Yacht Purser, I help aspiring pursers gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in their first purser role. With over ten years of experience onboard yachts and six years of tertiary education, including the superyacht management diploma, I have combined all my knowledge and expertise to create an online yacht purser course.

I created The Ultimate Yacht Purser Course because I found that many aspiring pursers lacked the practical skills needed to excel in the role. Besides in-depth PDFs containing the theory, I have created assignments that mimic the day-to-day tasks a purser performs from payroll to creating crew lists, APA accounts, invoice management, itinerary creation and more. It is an 8-week online course supported through weekly group calls.

As The Yacht Crew Coach, I help job-seeking yacht crew build their confidence through examining skills that they already possess. I re-write their CV and cover letter highlighting their unique strengths to help them obtain more interviews. I work mainly with captains and senior crew because of my intimate knowledge of the certification and skills needed to perform each role and am one of the go-to CV writers for a prominent recruitment company. I am also an internationally accredited Life Coach and student of Tony Robbins.

I love connecting my clients with my network and have helped crew find jobs, and yachts find crew through non-traditional channels.