Tom Solbakken

I started sailing with my Father at an age of 4 on a global roundtrip, and from there the road was short into a professional life on ships. I’m a fifth generation sailor and loving every minute of it. I was given my first command at the age of 29 on a commercial ship, but from there I got into yachting through an owner that took me onboard his yacht and had me convinced and converted into a pro yachtie. The development over the last 20 years of this industry has been tremendous, in both vessel size and technology onboard. The demands of insight and professionalism have been a factor that has been playing a major role in my personal development. Crew training and certification has been given much more attention, and this has now more important than ever. Training crew and developing their skills is one of the most important jobs we as senior officers do. Newbuilding’s and new technology became my strong side, and now we are looking to build zero emission yachts that has all the top standards and beyond