Warwick Maxwell-Clarke

Being that I am still new to the Industry and have looked up to the majority of the other chefs nominated this category. I would like to express my appreciation and also admiration for all the amazing, hardworking chefs in this industry that inspired me to want to be apart of it and reach heights they all have in the near future.

If you are interested to know a bit about myself (like this section is supposed to be, then here’s an insight into my development in the superyacht industry and how I got into it).

My Journey into the yachting industry started from the time I decided to create my own food portfolio and website. By noting my own food creations, I believe it would be a good way to track my own progress inn cooking and share that with others. I decided that alongside building my Chef Instagram account @ayachtchef I would create my own online platform that displays my food portfolio and blog posts about myself and topics I am interested in talking about. This way, I am fully accessible to future employers and those who want to learn about or from me and what I have to offer.

This was exactly the formula that got me my first job in the industry on a 73M Motor yacht that was located in the Caribbean at the time.
It was a great experience as I got to create healthy, nutritional and tasty meals for crew and help with guest dishes as well.

After this experience, I understand exactly what trajectory I wanted to penetrate the industry with. I know the role I want to have on board and the end goal in terms of how my career leads within being a chef in the superyacht industry.

Having achieved this all at the age of 20 I am confident I will continue to make a positive reputation for myself in this new field and make a mark on each aspect of the industry that I experience.