DEEP Blue Soft

DEEP Blue is the most complete and comprehensive Yacht Management Software. Released in 2013, DEEP Blue has gained the reputation of being an industry-leading software for yacht management. To date, over 220 yachts from 25m to over 160m and numerous international management agencies and family offices have chosen DEEP Blue to manage their fleet of yachts.

DEEP Blue covers all aspects of the yacht operations. It has been refined to facilitate data exchange between the crew, the management companies and family offices. It is effectively easing crew and managers’ workload and securing the communication flow between the yacht and the owner’s team ashore.

Using DEEP Blue daily provides a professional framework for captains and crew members to adhere to the various regulations and obligations. By installing shared procedures, all parties can increase security and bring value to both the work onboard and the owner’s asset, with optimum transparency.

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