Frankentek Yacht Security Systems

Yacht security Systems

Frankentek Yacht Security Systems, based in Medford, New Jersey, has over 30 years of experience in bespoke  electronic security installations and yacht security systems since launching in 1993. Frankentek is the premier yacht security integrator in the world, with significant expertise dealing with high profile clients. Privacy and discretion lie at the core of Frankentek’s service.

Frankentek systems are designed to protect owners, guests, crew and the yacht itself with detection technology on decks, doors, and hatches, spanning the detection of pirates, drones and even divers underwater, inter alia. With years of expertise working with yacht designers and art curators, Frankentek is well equipped to secure artwork and any other items of value on yachts.

Security services

Core services provided by Frankentek Yacht Services include:

  • On-Board Security with Integrated Surveillance
  • Beyond the Hull Detection with Target Tracking
  • Deterrent Systems
  • Biometric / Proximity Access Control;
  • Yacht Entry Control Systems;
  • Specialized Deck Sensor Technology;
  • Camera Lift systems, allowing clients to use CCTV at their discretion;
  • Safe Room and Serenity Areas

Frankentek has provided protection for client artwork on over 80 superyachts, including instances of damage prevention. Services to protect art on board span detection and protection technology, including:

  • an early warning approach to a precise measurement of an artwork or valuable item;
  • a detection system accurate to the millimetre to alert if an artwork has shifted and requires attention;
  • a tracking system to check if artwork has been moved and/or misplaced;
  • the provision of alerts if any small valuables are removed from view or an object is placed within its proximity that may cause damage;
  • an early warning smoke identification system, capable of detecting invisible smoke particles in the vicinity before risk of fire.

Security incidents are also recorded and logged for local or remote viewing.

In addition, new technology in the works at Frankentek to protect art on yachts is due to include:

  • multi-layer scanners providing pre-warning zones and a “final alert” layer close in for art hung on walls;
  • a product based on contour reference technology to detect when an artwork has been moved;
  • a setting to detect if mist is sprayed towards any artwork, of particular use at sea with the risk of sea salt mist affecting artwork on-board.



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