MedAire & Philips RDT

At Phillips RDT and MedAire, we understand captains and crew members have the challenge to mitigate risks to those on their vessel, while also monitoring ever-changing guest profiles, crew health needs, excursion requests and yachting itineraries. Our combined goal is to ensure captains and crew are prepared, capable and confident during medical and safety incidents.

MedAire has built the yachting industry’s leading solution for mitigating and responding to medical and travel safety incidents. Our interdependent solution of expertise, education and equipment will ensure those on your vessel receive the best available care, 24/7/365.

The Tempus IC2, from Phillips RDT, provides the benchmark in remote telemedicine capabilities offering non-medical professionals the unique ability to transmit live vital signs information to the MedAire team, enabling fast and effective diagnosis, for the best possible delivery of medical care on-board.


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