Meridian° instantly connects you to your next job opportunity or crew hire. Our industry-first technology combined with our Customer Success Team helps you find and hire qualified and vetted crew faster than any other solution in the industry. Check out how we are revolutionizing the job search and crew hiring process.

Meridian° is the only job platform that builds your profile for you, for free. Not only do we build your profile for you, but we aggregate jobs from all over the globe, saving you hours of wasted time searching and applying to jobs on multiple sites. Creating a Meridian° account isn’t just for job hunting. Use your new Meridian° account to store digital copies of your yachting documents and easily share your documents with anyone, anytime. All for free.

Employers have lots of options to help them find yacht crew today, but these options often leave them disappointed with the lengthy process and lackluster results. At Meridian°, we understand that when you need crew, you need crew that meets all your requirements, not some, and you need them hired fast. Learn how our industry-first solution combines technology with service to deliver the results you are looking for.

Recruitment agencies around the world trust Meridian° to help them find crew for their open positions, increasing their revenue. Additionally, we have the only platform in the industry that also sends recruiters open jobs in the industry so they can put their own crew forward to increase their revenue even further. Recruiters can also use our platform to manage their recruitment business.

Crew Manager
All yachts and their crew can join CREWmanager for free. With CREWmanager, you can easily manage crew and their documents including licenses, qualifications, and more. Includes document expiration alerts, leave management, guest management, and other features. We set it up for you and registration only takes 10 minutes by phone.

Dedicated Customer Success Team
Our Customer Success Team consists of seasoned yachting industry professionals. Our goal is to help you get the most out of our service. Have a question? Give us a call. Nothing compares to live human interaction. We promise no holding, transferring or elevator music. Ever. Just friendly professionals on the other end ready to help you succeed.