Ocean Premium

The Leaders in Water Toys for Yachts

We are a service oriented company made up of water toy specialists and ex-yacht crew. This means that we truly understand your yacht’s unique requests, place genuine value on your opinions and feedback, and strive to provide you with the best after-sales service on the market.

We believe in adapting to the times, improving ourselves as individuals and sharing our knowledge and expertise with our followers, customers and future clients.

Ocean Premium has been a leader in water toy rentals for yachts for over ten years. With seventeen rental bases across the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and with a logistics expert heading our rental department, are able to get water toys to your yacht…FAST.

We provide “ La Crème de la Crème” of luxury water toys for purchase, and are frequently the first ones called by management companies, shipyards and yacht captains to outfit their yachts. That’s because we offer a tailor-made plan for each vessel and provide 24/7 emergency support.

We stand out from the rest because of the after-sales support we offer to clients by means of maintenance and repair services.

By offering certified repair centres, replacement units and maintenance record-keeping as part of our services, we excel in being your one-point contact for all things water toys.

Our Three Pillars

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