Oldenburger Interior

Oldenburger with its 230 German-based employees is planning, producing, and installing furniture for private owned yachts, airplanes, residential houses as well as realizing projects for mono-brand fashion- and jewellery stores all over the world.

Together with their own production facilities, Oldenburger works as a general contractor for other businesses involved, coordinating all marble- or metal works as well as procuring decorative elements or developing special surfaces.

If you or your shipyard is looking for a partner to realize your own custom interior design, if you need to meet the highest fire safety regulations, or if you desire to have a super lightweight yacht, there are only a few companies worldwide, who can satisfy such needs. We are proud to be one of them.

In addition to the private sector, Oldenburger is producing retail furniture for fashion and jewellery brands, offering worldwide delivery and installation on a unique quality level. By keeping focus on the high-quality standard, our customers desire to match their brand’s external perception, Oldenburger is proud to be a named supplier when it comes to realizing very demanding projects, for example highly representative flagship stores or ambitious export destinations.

To shorten the global delivery time of retail projects, in 2005 Oldenburger has opened a facility with 110 employees in Shanghai, China. By having full control over the production, Oldenburger can make sure, that retail brands can expect the same grade of quality with a much shorter delivery time to APAC States.

This makes Oldenburger the ideal partner for quality-focused customers and globally acting brands.

Visit the Oldenburger Interior website

Oldenburger Interior GmbH & Co.KG, Goethestraße 4, 49413 Dinklage, Deutschland



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