PTW Shipyard

Shipyard services

PTW Shipyard is located in one of the original facilities of Astilleros Tarragona. The shipyard was originally comprised of one building, a space for shipbuilding and a slipway for large vessels.

Since 1918, Astilleros Tarragona has carried out its work in the city’s port, gradually gaining ground over Unión Naval de Levante. The Valencian shipyard stopped working in 1950, clearing the path for competitors like Astilleros Tarragona.

Since its founding, PTW Shipyard has quickly become a trusted leader in the yacht and superyacht market, thanks to the constant efforts of the entire team and the will to keep improving day after day. Our mission is to become one of the Mediterranean’s leading shipyards by:

  • The execution of sustainable production processes
  • Offering high quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction and secure their loyalty
  • Constantly adapting and understanding the sector’s current needs