SeaRaft®️ produces customised, high-quality inflatable solutions for the superyacht industry. Think of floating marinas that hold jet skis, Seabobs, eFoils and other water toys, netted sea pools or a fun space for sunbathing, all shaped to the yacht’s specific stern profile. From small sectional components to large custom platforms, we offer it all.

The versatility of our platforms and accessories is what really sets us apart. The modular design approach, with matching sizes and the flexibility of strategically located anchor points, allows for easy connection to any part of your yacht and the platforms can be quickly and efficiently transformed from one task to another.

In the first place, SeaRaft platforms are designed with your guests in mind. Our rafts are handmade in Europe / Germany from the highest quality of marine fabrics and materials. Offering unparalleled strength and stability, they make the perfect solution for safe docking, unloading of passengers, protection of your yacht and so much more.

Secondly, SeaRaft platforms remain lightweight and compact for easy assembly, cleaning, stowing and maintenance by the crew. Our ingeniously designed, meticulously crafted, interchangeable platforms make a cost effective solution for any situation.

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