5 Tips for Superyacht Crew Needing Rest

One of the challenges that superyacht crew can face onboard is lack of sleep. Superyacht crew might be required to work in shifts, which could interfere with a normal sleeping schedule. These shifts may change suddenly, causing stress and severe tiredness.  Below, you’ll find tips to effectively address sleep deprivation:

1. Reduce coffee intake

Although consuming coffee has the effect of reducing sleepiness, this effect does not last long and might make falling asleep more difficult. It is suggested to have the last intake of caffeine for the day, six to eight hours before going to sleep.

2. Exercise

Exercising might seem counterproductive when thinking about fighting severe tiredness. However, exercising can contribute to better sleep quality, longer sleep, and falling asleep faster.

3. Eat healthy

Eating a well-balanced diet encompassing vegetables, fruits and meat regularly can help with tiredness and lack of sleep. However, smaller meals before going to bed are recommended to increase sleep quality. Making sure to drink an adequate amount of water daily will improve your health and sleep quality. This also means lowering the amount of water you drink for at least an hour before heading to sleep. Another thing that you can take to improve your sleep quality is a melatonin supplement. 

4. Consistent sleep schedule

Going to bed and waking up at the same time regularly helps reduce tiredness. As this is not always possible for the superyacht crew due to unexpected schedule changes, planning multiple shorter naps throughout the day can help.

5. Reduce light exposure

While being exposed to light during the day is beneficial, during the nighttime, it can contribute to sleep deprivation. Exposure to the light from electronic devices, such as phones and laptops should be stopped two hours before going to sleep. When this is not possible, apps that block the blue light can be installed, or glasses blocking the blue light can be worn. To maximize your sleep quality, draw the curtains, and reduce the noise.

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