A closer look at the creator of ‘Pinpoint Works’: James Stockdale

James Stockdale, CEO and Founder of Pinpoint Works, developed the worklist app out of a clear necessity for a better means of communication for an industry he loves.

Pinpoint Works, the location-based worklist app solution, was launched this year as the brainchild of superyacht Captain James Stockdale. Years of frustration due to inefficient exchanges of information between crew, shipyards, management and contractors prompted Stockdale into action. The result—an innovative method of communication for the yachting industry.

An avid sailor and with a background in naval architecture, Stockdale’s ambition has always laid in the marine industry. When he decided practical experience was necessary for him to move forward, the super yacht world was a natural progression.

Over the next several years, Stockdale learned the broad skillset required for this industry. During the summers, he catered to the guests’ every need. But in the winter, he was in and out of shipyards for refits, repairs, warranties, paint jobs, and eventually new builds.

Stockdale sees the job as two separate roles: half service oriented and half project management. In keeping with his experience, a solid, well-trained, enthusiastic crew provides a winning summer season combo. On the other hand, strong organizational skills and the ability to communicate with the crew, management companies, shipyards, and contractors at all stages of works are the cornerstones of a seamless yard period.

Although widely used as the basis of communication, Stockdale was never convinced emails and excel lists were the most effective and efficient way of transferring information.

“Thousands of emails meant some items were permanently buried and there were always dozens of excel lists floating around,” recalls Stockdale. “I experienced it for years and we always managed to get by; it was during my first build that I decided to create a solution to the problem.”

Stockdale seized the opportunity. A few months after the initial idea, he started work with a team of developers to bring his ideas to life. A year later he had a working product to test on his second new build, of which he was Captain. Over the next two years, Stockdale introduced Pinpoint Works to its early adopters to confirm that his idea really did bridge the gap in communication technology; it was a great success.

Having spent the last year fine-tuning the product, making it as user-friendly as possible without sacrificing functionality, Stockdale decided Pinpoint Works was ready for the greater yachting market.

“Taking Pinpoint Works to the Monaco Yacht Show this year was a very exciting moment for the team.” said Stockdale. “Seeing a working solution to an industry-wide problem is extremely satisfying. I look forward to helping other yachting professionals communicate more efficiently and effectively. That’s the goal.”

Though Stockdale enjoys being a Captain and crew member, he felt a strong pull to focus on Pinpoint Works full time out of necessity for an industry he is very passionate about. He hopes to create a product that has a lasting effect on the yachting world, and possibly beyond.

Pinpoint Works is currently being demoed online. Make an appointment with James at james@pinpointworks.com or call +44.7980.164.643.

About Pinpoint Works 
Pinpoint Works is a web and mobile app which turns your GA into a live, interactive worklist. Log items on-the- go while adding descriptions, photos, videos, and an exact location. Share only the relevant information with other users by setting their permission levels and inviting them to your site. Track your worklists in real-time, reducing confusion and increasing accountability. Communicate with crew, management and contractors to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Log, share, track and communicate with Pinpoint Works.

For further information: info@pinpointworks.com | www.pinpointworks.comwww.facebook.com/pinpointworks