A Testament to Excellence and Eco-Consciousness at KRM Yacht

In an impressive display of prowess and reliability, KRM Yacht, the premier superyacht refit and rebuild facility based in Turkey, is thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement in its operations. Within just 35 days, KRM Yacht has announced three new prestigious refit projects, highlighting its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship within the yachting sector.

Over the recent year, KRM Yacht has been at the forefront of sustainable practices, notably through the completion of the M/Y Newal project, the transformation underway for Just 4 Us, and the commencement of the Costa Magna rebuild. These initiatives underscore KRM’s dedication to preserving the environment by favoring rebuilds over new constructions, thereby reducing the ecological footprint significantly. Through such efforts, KRM Yacht not only prolongs the lifespan of these majestic vessels but also underscores the critical importance of eco-efficiency and innovation in maritime endeavors, solidifying its leadership in fostering greener yachting practices.

Kerem Başer, the Managing Director of KRM Yacht, expressed his pride in the company’s accomplishments, stating, “Reflecting on our remarkable progress, I am profoundly proud of our team’s achievements, especially with our recent projects. The journey that began with the rebuild of Newal continued with Just 4 Us and Costa Magna transformation epitomizes our dedication to not only excellence but also to sustainability and environmental responsibility. These projects illuminate the inherent eco-friendliness of rebuilds compared to new constructions, by optimizing existing resources and reducing waste, which greatly diminishes our environmental impact. This philosophy is the cornerstone of KRM Yacht’s mission. and it is one of the reasons why rebuild is better than newbuild”

Among the newly acquired projects is the 45-meter masterpiece from Heesen, M/Y Mordan, acclaimed for its elegant design and superior craftsmanship. Furthermore, the inclusion of the 50-meter hybrid propulsion Wider superyacht, M/Y Stern, showcases KRM Yacht’s proficiency in managing technologically advanced and eco-conscious marine vessels. The addition of M/Y Stern to KRM Yacht’s portfolio underscores the facility’s adeptness in boosting the environmental performance of superyachts through cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

Demonstrating the deep trust and satisfaction of its clients, KRM Yacht is honored to welcome back another repeat client this year with M/Y Lioness, a 40-meter epitome of luxury and elegance, opting for KRM’s refit services once again. This marks the third returning client in the current year alone, a testament to KRM Yacht’s exceptional service quality, customer satisfaction, and dedication to environmental sustainability.

KRM Yacht’s success story is not solely attributed to its state-of-the-art facility in Tuzla/Istanbul but also to the skilled professionals who contribute their expertise and passion to each project. Boasting 15 years of experience, a dedicated team, and comprehensive facilities, KRM Yacht continues to deliver bespoke services that resonate with the unique essence of each superyacht, all while promoting sustainable practices in the yachting industry.

As KRM Yacht forges ahead, it remains dedicated to achieving excellence, crafting extraordinary experiences for its esteemed clients, and making significant contributions towards the preservation of our planet. With each project, KRM Yacht reinforces its leadership in the superyacht refit and rebuild sector, offering unparalleled services for “when she needs care.”

For more information check out the KRM Yacht website.