ACREW Hosts Inaugural Chef Competition Showcasing Yacht and Villa Culinary Talent

ACREW, the leading provider of professional development opportunities in the yachting industry, proudly presents the first-ever Chef Competition in collaboration with Ocean Earth Chefs. This event, held on February 7th, marks a significant milestone for ACREW as it ventures into the realm of culinary excellence, bringing together top talents from the yacht and villa sectors for an exhilarating culinary challenge.

This inaugural chef competition was organised by ACREW as part of its ongoing commitment to fostering growth and recognition within the maritime industry. The decision to host a chef event stems from ACREW’s mission to provide opportunities for professional development across all departments onboard. Recognising the contributions of chefs to the onboard experience, ACREW sought to create a dedicated platform for these culinary artists to showcase their talents and receive the recognition they deserve.

The competition, held at Eat Vacuum, in Mallorca, promised a gastronomic experience, featuring a diverse lineup of talented chefs competing for culinary glory. With a focus on creativity, skill, and innovation, participants showcased their expertise in a series of challenging rounds. Gourmet Deliveries a premier provisioning company in the superyacht industry provided all high end ingredients for this event.

Competition Details:

Round 1:

Group Competition: The first round witnessed three yacht chefs facing off against three villa chefs, tasked with creating starters and main courses from mystery ingredients.

Judging for Round 1: The panel of judges conducted blind tastings evaluating each dish based on presentation, taste, and creativity.

Prize for the 1st Round:

Winners of the first round were awarded Gift Baskets filled with sponsored items including items given by Liquid Yacht Wear and Beauty Products from Clean Otter.

Round 2:

Individual Competition: In the second round, chefs were challenged to craft their signature dish, accompanied by a dessert, using ingredients from a mystery box provided by Gourmet Deliveries.

Judging for Round 2: Once again, judges conducted blind tastings assessing each dish to determine the winners.

Prizes for 2nd Round:

3rd Place: Embroidered Oven Gloves & Tea Towel

2nd Place: High-Tech Kitchen Appliance, Embroidered Chef Hat

1st Place: 1,000€, Trophy, Embroidered Chef Jacket


Andrew Durham – Yacht Chef: A seasoned chef with 17 years of experience, including accolades such as recognition on UK masterchef The Professionals TV show.

Francoise Brana – Yacht Chef: A culinary expert with a diverse background spanning various cuisines and experiences in fine dining restaurants and five-star hotels.

Mykhailo Chekan – Yacht Chef: Known for crafting exceptional dishes in challenging maritime environments, Mykhailo’s repertoire includes fusion cuisine influenced by his international experiences.

Daniela Urgoiti – Villa Chef: Hailing from the Spanish Basque country, Daniela brings 15 years of culinary experience, focusing on organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Arnaud Berthelier – Villa Chef: With a passion for travel and diverse culinary influences, Arnaud’s dishes integrate flavors from around the world, reflecting his global culinary journey.

Juan Carlos Delle Vedove – Villa Chef: Deeply connected to Mediterranean cuisine, Juan Carlos’ culinary creations are infused with freshness and authenticity, reflecting his extensive experience in Italy and Spain.

The panel of judges included culinary professionals:

Helen Grensinger: A skilled culinary professional with extensive experience in super yachts and exclusive villas.

Barry D’Arcy: Founder of Ocean Earth Chefs, Barry brings over two decades of experience in the culinary industry, specialising in private yachts and villas.

Mia Naprta: A seasoned food and travel writer, Mia’s expertise adds a unique perspective to the judging panel.

The results were as follows:

In the first round, the villa chefs were the winners, demonstrating their culinary talents and creativity.

In the second round, Daniela Urgoiti claimed first place, followed by Andrew Durham in second and Mykhailo Chekan in third, showcasing their exceptional talent and innovation.

The Chef Competition marks a significant milestone for ACREW, showcasing its commitment to providing comprehensive development opportunities for all departments onboard superyachts.

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