Best Practice Onboard

ACREW Insights at Astilleros de Mallorca

On last Wednesday morning, 13th November, 20 Captains came together at Astilleros de Mallorca to discuss Best Practice Onboard.

When all Captains & First Officers had arrived and got to know one another over breakfast, the panel discussions began.

Best Medical Practices Onboard

Tony Nicholson from MedAire and Roland Archdall from RDT, a Philips company opened the talks with best medical practices onboard. They shared trends in due diligence practices, clinical governance, wellness programmes and explained the clever connection between insurance & assistance providers.

The event provided a unique opportunity to understand the key challenges and competing priorities facing Captains today. Of particular note, was how to ensure that there is a clear set of procedures, that is concise enough that everyone reads and understands them. Also the discussion on who is creating procedures and why: ie is this for the welfare of the crew, or simply to cover against risks of litigation.

Emma Deal, MedAire

Get in touch with Roland Archdall or Tony Nicholson for more information.

Financial Leadership

Continuing with the topic “best practices”, Elliot Krauze and Dan Ward from United Advisers Marine talked about “Financial Leadership Onboard”. The Captains’ response was very positive and interactive to this message as many of them had made the mistake of not planning their finances in their first years of yachting. A “been there – done that” situation. Several of them asked Elliot and Dan to come out to the boats to educate their crew about the importance of financial planning. It is great to see that Captains take steps in helping the crew to avoid making such mistakes.

Get in touch with Elliot Krauze & Dan Ward for more information.

Painting: Preferred Processes

Gary Ward from Jotun, Greg Butler from NautiPaints and Andrés Lopez San Isidoro from Optimiza Consulting closed the panel with a discussion around “best practices” in painting projects during refits. All evolved on the right inclusion of the manufacturer’s technical team, helping to streamline the painting project amongst the other ongoing projects during a refit period.

“It was good to hear different stakeholder perspectives and experiences on what drivers trigger decisions on starting the process of considering a paint refit project through to what assists a successful project. Sharing experiences and further collaboration will only help all stakeholders recognise and learn on where they can improve and what actions they can take in ensuring a positive and successful project is delivered. “

Gary Ward, Jotun

“The session was very interactive, with Captains engaging in the discussion around best practice, sharing their real life client experiences, and offering a valuable perspective.  It was clear that “training” yacht owners to perform in a predictable and always rational manner, with respect to the maintenance of the yacht is always going to be a challenge. Establishing objective criteria by which to evaluate the need for new paint, and interim solutions, would be helpful in guiding the decision making process. Establishing correct expectations of paint performance, and taking a life cycle approach were valuable concepts that we discussed in the session.”

Greg Butler, NautiPaints

“A successful coating work must be always preceded by a Condition survey, accurate definition of the Scope of work, acceptance criteria, as well as verification of its accomplishment. It is necessary to erase the concept of “I like/don’t like” on coatings, replacing it by objective and measurable criteria.”

Andrés Lopez San Isidoro, Optimiza Consulting

Reach out to Gary Ward, Greg Butler and Andrés Lopez San Isidoro for more information.

After the 3 panel discussions, the captains and speakers enjoyed a delicious 3-course lunch sponsored by RoamingExpert. A big thanks to the lovely Astilleros & Gálibos team, it was a pleasure again to work with each other.