Akumendo METS 2022 Show Release YACHTING PREMIER

AKUMENDO and its partner ArScénique unveils the future of the immersive image on board Yachts with the architecting of a 16m immersive LED Tunnel installed on board SY ARTEXPLORER, a Sailing catamaran of 47m currently built at ADMIRAL shipyards – TISG and represented by FRASER YACHTS Projects Management Team. The boat will host an itinerant Digital art museum exhibition offered by the Art Explora Foundation, around the Mediterranean Sea from October 2023 and then to other destinations and continents.

Amsterdam METS, November 15, 2022: A breath-taking immersive experience created thanks to the innovation in LED technology.

An immersive experience dedicated to a unique artistic project in the world: AKUMENDO, an Audio Video system integrator and Smart user interface creator and its partners ArtScénique – Leyard – Son Vidéo, have engineered for the Art Explora Foundation and the Museum boat SY ARTEXPLORER (a 47m sailing catamaran being built under the supervision of Fraser Yachts), an advance featured immersive LED screens tunnel, thus offering an innovative and unparalleled free experience to future visitors of an itinerant Digital art exhibition.

AKUMENDO designer, architect and concerned contractor for your projects on board
Specialists in audio video /AV, information technology /IT, and telecommunications (Internet, Wi-Fi, Satellite communications), AKUMENDO is a true integrator of technologies on board yachts and super-yachts for refits and new builds, the founders have also developed a unique Smart General User Interface system during the last ten years. User friendly, design and ergonomic, this system brings real comfort to guests on board and crew members, whatever to watch a movie, call a Stewardess, manage the room control (lights, curtains, etc.), access to WIFI and communications on board.

Thanks to its partnership and collaboration with SON VIDEO, ARSCENIQUE, CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY, CRESTRON, LEYARD, AKUMENDO design very promising and custom innovative projects.
Son Vidéo; The leading wholesaler of Hifi and Home Cinema components
ArScénique; Event planner – audio-visual techniques – digital solutions
Connecting Technology: AV/IT integrator and premium partner Crestron Marine
LEYARD: World leader in the manufacture of special LED screens
CRESTRON: World leader in home automation.

AKUMENDO knew how to design and implement a unique technical solution bringing to the extraordinary collective adventure of Art Explora and its museum boat, which will criss-cross the seas and oceans to meet the public, an unprecedented artistic experience.

During their visit to the METS 2022 in Amsterdam, Bruno Julliard Director of the Art Explora foundation and Philippe Rivière Digital Director in charge of the Digital Strategy told us that 12 months ago the service providers consulted, despite the experience and references presented to Superyacht shipyards, only offered them a projection of images on large screens, far away to seduce the ambitions of Frédéric JOUSSET, founding
president of the philanthropic Art Explora Foundation. Indeed, ART Explora wishes to provide free and open access to immersive and sound experiences.

ART Explora was approached by Akumendo, the AV/IT partner of Fraser yachts for the Entertainment part of the ARTEXPLORER boat, with its partner ArScénique they offered a 3m2 outdoor LED screen, an immersive LED tunnel 16m long and 5m wide and 2m2 LED screens at each end.

Founder of AKUMENDO, Jean-Pierre CASANOVA cannot veil his satisfaction regarding the interest shown by Superyacht industry representatives having visited on the show.

“AKUMENDO brings its know-how and an unlimited offer of tailor-made proposals: We provide new audio-visual experience for Entertainment, Art, Gaming, using indoor or outdoor screens. It can be on Classic Yachts, Explorer Yachts, Shadows boats to view images of live events, private content like NFT, Yacht on board movies (drones, submarines, Personal Watercraft) they are full of possibilities of application. A new era of immersive images is coming aboard yachts. The technology offered by Leyard makes it possible to respond to very specific technical constraints such as limited space, vibrations, and to fit curved displays on walls or ceilings. Art Explora Foundation has allowed our group to achieve a fantastic project”.

A 16M LONG IMMERSIVE LED TUNNEL, ad-hoc structure fitted in a 47m boat.

In collaboration with the ADMIRAL TISG construction yard located in Marina di Carrara in Italy and under the supervision of Fraser Yachts Projects Management Team, in charge of the construction management and the operational management of the boat, AKUMENDO achieved the performance to integrate a 16m long immersive LED tunnel which will fit the interior shapes of the 47m Catamaran lounge intended to welcome visitors.

For this true technical prowess AKUMENDO, ArScénique and LEYARD skilled engineers team have been able to meet the specific constraints of the boat thanks to their experience. They brought Creativity, attention to detail, precision, ergonomics and visual comfort in order to provide to the visitors the LED display able to offer a truly immersive experience.

It is an incomparable shape for an LED Tunnel of this size, installed on a convex structure treated in aluminium alloy and providing rigidity and flexibility. Hundreds of CarbonLight CLI-FLEX LEDs panels with a Dot Pitch of 1.5 (distance between two contiguous pixels on a screen) will be installed on shock absorbers to dampen vibrations and accept forces of up to 29.46 m/s, i.e. the equivalent of a thrust of 3G.

The management of thermal constraints in a confined space has required constant collaboration and communication with the TISG shipyard and Fraser Yachts Projects Management Team in order to solve the extraction of hot air generated by the tunnel. The seating of visitors, the positioning and ergonomics of seating structures, brightness, air circulation and flow analysis are all key points for this project, which Philippe Rivière, Digital Director of the Art Explora Foundation, inquires about, so that visitors have an unparalleled experience.

Close to major refit and new construction sites La Ciotat (Fr), Barcelona (Spain), Genoa and Viareggio (It) AKUMENDO invites you to a presentation of its know-how and its partners on the Champigny sur Marne site.

For more than 10 years in the yachting industry, AKUMENDO has carried out numerous refit and new built services throughout the Mediterranean on numerous boats, including;

MY BIG MAK: Heesen 50m
MY ARADOS: Sunseeker 45m
MY WHEELS: Oceanco 76m
MY SEA LION: Haak 38m
MY GEMS II: Tamsen 45m
MY BELONGERS: Couach 50m
MY LADY M: Sunseeker 47m
MY BARAKA: Proteksan 53m
MY IZUMI: Palmer 120
MY Clifford: Palmer 150

The founders of Akumendo have also previously achieved past projects such as MY AURORA, MY DUBAI, MY DUBAI MAGIC, MY SERENE, and with yacht builds at BENETTI, San Lorenzo (It), AMELS, OCEANCO (Nl), CMN and Guy Couach (FR) shipyards.

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