Crew Awards Theme: A Knight to Remember!

Our dearest lords and ladies,

The 2022 Crew Awards are on the horizon and we are excited to announce a theme like no other: Royal Weekend and A Knight to Remember! This beautiful theme is based in Medieval Europe. This historical era is characterized by dramatic growth, marked by economic and territorial expansion, demographic and urban growth, the emergence of national identity, and the restructuring of secular and ecclesiastical institutions. It was the era of the Crusades, Gothic art and architecture, the papal monarchy, the birth of the university, the recovery of ancient Greek thought, and soaring intellectual achievements.

What better way to honor such a memorable time in history than with an unforgettable ceremony? After a full year of hard work and commitment, you shall relax and allow yourselves to be treated as royalty. We would be honored to have you in attendance after a season of sailing our seas. 

So, dust off your most high-class outfit and join us for a weekend of celebration! We expect our ballroom to be filled with princes and princesses ready to have a good time. Trust that you are in good hands with the ACREW Team and allow yourself to experience a once-in-a-lifetime night… á la Cinderella!

Need inspiration with your outfit? As the saying goes, a photo is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the visuals the ACREW Team created for the Official Crew Awards Ceremony:

Yachting Historical Fun Facts

·   The first yachts in history were invented by the Dutch Navy in the 14th century, to catch pirates and thieves quickly in shallower waters where larger ships couldn’t be sailed.

·   It wasn’t long until wealthy merchants and ship owners began using these smaller and speedier boats to sail out to celebrate their returning merchant ships.

·   Sailing yachts also became popular with royalty, and it quickly became fashionable to use them for pleasure cruises and racing.

·   English yachting is said to have officially begun when King Charles ll sailed the Mary to Britain following his return from exile in the Netherlands.·   A 20 metre (66 foot) craft, the Mary inspired Charles and his brother James, the Duke of York, to construct more yachts and begin racing. They raced for sport for the first time in 1662 on the River Thames.

Needless to say, yachting has been around for a long time and will continue doing so. Are you ready to celebrate this wonderful industry and the people that brought it to the level we know now?

Location- Porto, Montenegro

There is no such thing as Royal Night without an adequate location. We are proud to announce our partnership with Porto Montenegro and the breathtaking riviera where the Crew Awards weekend will take place: Tivat, Montenegro! This hidden Mediterranean gem is bound to surprise you with its spectacular views, rich culture, delicious food and hospitable people. What better place to celebrate a Royal Gala, right?

Don’t miss out on booking your package, as they are selling fast! ACREW and Porto Montenegro have teamed up  this year to offer you unique personalized packages at the best price guaranteed. Everything is taken care of: flights, airport transfers, accommodation, food and drinks, socio-cultural activities…all you have to do is book with us and enjoy a regal treatment!

Make sure to stay tuned to our social media @acrewyachting for regular updates about the Crew Awards and upcoming events.

See you in Montenegro!