CSR: Phuket Yacht Haven

Environmental Projects

Phuket Yacht Haven (PYH) is located on the northeast coast of the island of Phuket in Thailand. The marina is equipped with 320 berths, with another addition of 14 berths for yachts up to 50mtrs in length to be completed by July this year. In addition, there is a bistro-style restaurant and a wide range of facilities and services. موقع 888 The marina is an accredited Clean sea level 4 marina and holds accreditations such as ISO 90001, 14001 and the Gold Anchor.

The Marina has always been committed to keeping its operations in line with international standards, safe environmental practices and high safety standards. As part of our commitment to the environment and resource management the marina carries out various projects.

Conservation of marine ecosystem

The marina organises the release of fish into its waters twice a year to support marine ecology and sustainability. The staff collectively release around 200,000  fish, shrimp and crab into the waters of the marina. Doing so helps maintain the balance of the local ecosystem, as the fish further multiply it helps the local fisherman to generate income. Such activity also improves the native fish population by allowing the fish to remain and reproduce within the ecosystem. Fish excrete ammonium, an essential nutrient for coral growth, through their gills and fish urine contains phosphorus and nitrous, another key nutrient. لعبة بوكر تكساس This project has been given approval by local government bodies and the marine department who have both welcomed the commended the initiative.

Recycle of Plastic and Aluminium

Plastic is one of the major sources of pollution today. The marina encourages its clients and guests to minimise the use of plastic and is committed to avoiding single-use plastic wherever possible while ensuring that proper safety and hygiene measures are followed. The marina contributes to a recycling project where the plastic bottle caps and other forms of plastic are collected from the boats and in-house restaurants to be delivered to a recycling plant. These in turn are used to create usable items and also give an opportunity, to help raise awareness about the problems associated with plastic pollution by conducting recycling workshops and tours.

In addition, the marina has a collection point for all aluminium cans. These items are cleaned and delivered to the local district office, which then sends them to Bangkok, for processing to be used in the manufacturing of the prosthetic limbs.

Big Clean up

The problem associated with garbage pollution that is washed up inland from the sea due to the monsoon waves has been a cause of concern from the surrounding local villages around the marina. Taking into account the detrimental effect pollution has on the local environment and the health and hygiene of the locals, the staff at the marina carry out a big clean up quarterly. This endeavour helps instil teamwork to help maintain a clean environment, gain awareness about the natural resources and offers an opportunity to educate the staff and locals about environment conservation. This project also helps us lend support to the local community in proximity to the marina and forms a part of our corporate social responsibility.


1. It has been a great pleasure to have spent two lengthy periods at Yacht Haven, first on M/Y Triple 8 and subsequently on M/Y Rasa.

The warm welcome from the Marina staff sets the tone from the beginning. Spacious berths, great facilities and excellent shoreside support from staff and contractors make Yacht Haven a superb marina from which to base your SE Asia cruising. Nick Maccrossan – Captain  Motor Yacht RASA

2. Yacht Haven Marina has played home for my yacht for the past 2 and a half years, as the world got itself tangled up in the dealings with Covid. 

Whilst away from the country, knowing my yacht has been taken good care of in my absence, gave me a great sense of comfort. Now that borders somewhat resemble those of other tourism-dependent countries, I can enjoy first-hand the tranquil nature of the Marina, a number of local eateries and drinking holes in close proximity, as well as the smart, modern and wonderfully picturesque Marina building with its commanding views overlooking the marina, with Phang Nga set in the distance – a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy a cold beer after a days toil! Ample Boat Repair services/technicians and with most reputable marine brands represented in the region as well as a nearby hardstand make YHM the perfect choice for visiting sailors. لعب روليت مجاني The only downside to YHM is my struggle to move on!!- Andrew Benjamin Owner Luna Blue

3. “After 7 years of superyacht operations in Asia and after being based in Thailand for almost 3 years I can say that  Yacht Haven Marina Phuket is one of the best hubs for superyachts in the entire Indian Ocean and South China sea, especially for yachts above 500 GT. The Marina’s infrastructure is modern and very well developed and the staff is always very helpful, polite and reliable. They are very fast not only during docking operations but also throughout all daily operations and guest assistance and support.

The Marina is very well weather protected and has a very useful geographic location being close to important destinations like the Andaman Sea, Singapore, Malaysia, Polynesia, Maldives etc.

I hope our yacht will remain based in Yacht Haven here for the years to come and have mentioned this to other Captains and partners during the Monaco Yacht Show and the Benetti Yacht-Master in Venice this year. Peter Please -Master Unlimited Class 1-Captain of MY Diamonds are Forever”