Discover a more enriching yachting experience…

A (literally) twisted journey through the mangroves….

When you take the slow row up Indian River in Dominica, the eerie silence and magically twisted mangroves naturally create a sense of trepidation that something could happen just around the next bend. Your imagination runs wild. The goosebumps rise, you look at each other with wide-eyed anticipation…and then enjoy a local Dynamite rum punch at the Bush Bar. A great afternoon out, we absolutely guarantee!

Capture that moment where your imagination went wild. ivermectin tapeworm curezone Turn it up a notch. And then some. See beyond what you think you can see. Explore the possibilities of what could be, of what your guests could see, and turn that imagination into a true-life experience. Now you’re starting to epitomise the spirit of Asaro, the experiential events company.

Asaro works with ambitious Captains and crew who are passionate about taking the guest experience to new heights of possibility. We’ve worked on both sides of the Atlantic, in many locations often for the first time. For us, location isn’t so important as really getting to understand the guests likes, dislikes and what makes them smile. But above all, quite simply remembering they are human. And what makes us connect as humans is a shared experience that plays to the emotions. full of laughter, fun and surprise.

We’ve been fortunate enough to use Indian River for several Asaro adventures, as well the impressively resurrected and restored Fort Shirley nearby on the headland. But we don’t use inspiring locations such as these just as they are. Through our collective imaginations, brilliant creative partners and local support, we turn them into what could be. What could have been. Or quite simply some fantasy from a parallel universe.

For example, Tia Dalma’s shack from Pirates of the Caribbean, we’ve had it completely rebuilt and restored with the help of highly skilled Dominican locals twice. First, for an encounter with a more sinister but surprisingly helpful Mystic Lady. Second, the shack of a brutal butcher, accomplice to a malevolent pirate Captain whose name we dare not speak. And sounding off the cannons from Fort Shirley for the first time in years, well that’s another story altogether.

There’s a more serious reason for highlighting Dominica right now. You’ll no doubt be aware, at the end of August Hurricane Erika swept across Dominica, dumping over 30cm of rain in a twelve hour period. Causing mudslides, destroying roads and bridges, homes, schools and other buildings. At least 30 people killed, many more missing or injured and whole towns having to evacuate. The Government predict this has set their development back 20 years, and it has been reported the reconstruction bill is equivalent to half their annual GDP. ivermectin oral human lice dose More storms in the last few days have caused further destruction.

Dominica has long been a top destination for yachts to visit in the Caribbean season.. The good people of this beautiful island now need our support out of season. Asaro has teamed up with YachtAid Global (YAG) to raise awareness and much needed funds for Dominica. YAG’s Dominica OneFor4 campaign aims to turn every raised into for the people of Dominica. ivermectin 3 days apart oral  Find out more about their great work and pledge a donation by going to or

Include Dominica on your guests’ Caribbean cruising itinerary for 2016. And if you’d like your guests’ visit to Indian River to take on an altogether different twist, (or any of their itinerary for that matter) get in touch with Asaro before the next season starts.

Asaro will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show and will be pleased to meet at the ACREW Lounge at La Rascasse. Simply contact through or [email protected]

© Photo credit to Claire Matches